Fried Pork Cutlet at BRAN

 My mom, brother and I went to BRAN in shopping mall Daimon.

We enjoyed our lunch together at Live and Sports Bar Bran.

We had fried pork cutlet with salad, ketchup pasta,
miso soup, and rice.

That sure was a lot, but sooo delicious, and would love to visit again soon.

We used to visit Daimon they had a lot of interesting stores

when I was little but now many of them closed down.

I wish this mall would be exciting as it used to be.

    Long time no English blogs.

     Sorry, I hadn't been writing English blogs for quite long time.

    As usual my husband and I are in good shape,

    preparing for the test coming up in March for my husband,

    and mine on November.

     I'm planning to take "Mental Health Management Level 1"

    this is to judge if I have enough knowledge to take care of mental health

    myself. Kind of difficult to study having a lot to memorize, but

    as a healer, this study helps me to learn "Mental" from other point of view.

    Also, I'm beginning to host event using Oracle Cards monthly at

    cafe macBON in Suzuka city Mie Japan.

    cafe macBON  serves great coffee and sweets.

    Just like picture above. I love brownies, since I've been in the States.

    God, that is quite long time, loving this chocolate sweets!

    There came to be so many cafe to enjoy and great bakery

    around KOLON FACTORY. There are some photos!

    chocolate pudding from cafe cocoro

    Cream bread, Chocolate Banana Bread,
    And Yakisoba (Sauce seasoned pasta) Bread
    from bakery KUKSA

    Apple pie with yogurt ice cream from
    cafe tayu-tau.

    Also from cafe tayu-tau.

    Creme Brulee on left, and breads to take home!

    Well that is catch up for now.

    I'll be sure to catch up soon!


      English Edition Why Do you?

       Now, I enjoy watching ynn47_mie ustream program every night.

      The performer of this broad casting is Mr.Sunshine Katsura,

      who is Rakugoka (Comic Story teller) from Canada.

      I like this program enough making new twitter account translating

      so I might be able to help him. (Not sure if I'm being help)

      My husband asked me "Yoko, why do you need to watch it

      every night? "

      Well, it's because I enjoy it.

      Last night after broadcasting I was crying not sure why.

      I was bit confused to my emotions. My English was used only for 5 years.

      From 1989-1994 when I was 8 to 13.

      I did learn in university got 900 on Toeic, but other than that,

      No daily usage, until I came to help this way.

      I understand sometimes not being understand the meaning

      or feeling to what you are said is very sad thing.

      I remember how I felt, when I was there, but now,

      if my English is being able to connect the communication,

      I'd be so happy to do so.

      And by doing this, I felt something important came back to me.

      I'd like to help to appreciate what this program has given me.

      I hope this community would be great community supporting

      each other and friendship would grow no matter where we are.


        Japanese edition WHY? Do you,,,,?






















          My 31st Birthday week!

           It has been quite a while after I wrote my blog in English.

          Many greetings came on my birthday which I appreciated from

          bottom of my heart!

          Let me share some pictures place I enjoyed.

          Friend of mine took me out to Iinan. This place is filled with nature,

          great view of forests and rivers. With leaves turning to red and yellow.

          it was sooo beautiful!

          These pictures are from tea shop, Shin-Ryoku-Sabou.

          Sabou means place where people enjoy tea.

          Isn't it beautiful?

          I love green tea with Japanese-sweets(wagashi).


            Great news of Summer!

             Well, I was hit by a car on Aug.10th. 

            I feel much better now, with less pain.

            Visited Hiroshima with my husband and parents-in-law

            visiting my father-in-law's mother (another grandma-in-law) and

            had wonderful vacation from Sept.23-25.

            Here are some pics from Hiroshima.

            Left Atomic Bomb Dome
            Right Grand Gate (Otorii) to Itsukushima Shrine.

            Thanks to my family-in-laws, I was able to meet many relatives

            and visit many tourism spot.

            I can't stop praying for peace when I visited the dome,

            remembering that my friends and I read "Sadako and 1000 paper cranes".

            Studied them when we were in 5h grade.

            Shrine, how holy the place! Where people and gods live in harmony,

            is the way they express this place. Well yeah people, god and deer!!

            Hope to share great food ASAP!


              I'm fine all !!!

               The Earthquake occurred in North East Japan.

              M8.8 the greatest earthquake in Japan as far as I know.

              I saw on TV and all TV show are about this historical earthquake.

              Thanks to my friends, who has sent me messages if

              we are alright.  We live in West area in Japan and

              it did shook a little but we are all fine.

               Please pray for the North East Japan where

              this earthquake did occur.


                Have been a while

                 Since I posted something in English.

                Sorry about that.

                Well it is raining today and my husband is coming back for lunch as

                usual. Today I'm cooking omelet with rice seasoned with ketchup.

                In Japanese we call that Omu-Rice. (Omelet with rice)

                I wish I could make neat nice delicious looking omelet.

                Which I'm now trying ending somewhat awful in looking

                but tastes real good.

                Let's see how things would go this time.

                Wish me omelet luck! lol

                  Cooking FISH

                  Boiled yellowtail with soy sauce, sweet sake, and bit sugar.

                  was tonight dinner with boiled and seasoned spinach,

                  seasoned GANMODOKI cooked with sugar and soy sauce.

                   (GANMODOKI  a fried bean curd cake with vegetables and other ingredients in it)

                  Simple mushroom soup, and rice.

                  It's really hard to cook fish. It's already sliced, you just have to

                  permeate seasonings.

                  It was delicious. I never thought my recipe given from my mother

                  so great. I assume some of friends know my mother really well.

                  She explains things sooo simple, when looking back to my memo,

                  I have to try and see how it turns out.

                  (Well, thanks to internet, which I didn't use it this time)

                  Since it turned out great, now I have more confidence cooking

                  fish menu than before. Wonder what I should try next!



                    Dream Connection

                     When I was in University, I used to run a HP,

                    Dream Connection, where I just put BBS, Diary,my original poems,

                    and Links.

                    When I became University student in 1999, was very first

                    year when internet came to public use.

                    Which enabled me to connect to WWW and,

                    start looking for my friends in the USA.

                    (Came true in year 2009 April.)

                    I believe many people has dream want to be come true.

                    But don't know how, like me. I still don't know how I could make it happen.

                    Though, I don't know how it will happen but I know it will happen.

                    I made KOLON FACTORY which was my dream to run a place,

                    where I serve things I love to do.

                    I never dreamed of becoming therapist or accessory designer.

                    Now in year 2011, I love doing what I'm doing now.

                    I enjoy NOW. That's all. That is what I believe the most 

                    important method to make all the dreams come true.


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